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At long last, the Mermaid Statue, one of Panjim’s finest historical monuments, is being restored to its original state by a gifted sculptor, Mr Ghanashym Anand Chari. The statue will be officially inaugurated on Goa’s Independence Day, December 19, 2012, when a host of festivities are scheduled to take place in the Mermaid Garden. The celebration recognizes the Mermaid Statue as a symbol of transformation, which as such forms an important incentive for the larger project to protect and revitalize Goa’s architectural, ecological, and cultural heritage.

From 4 to 7 pm, artisans of traditional Goan crafts, such as tile-makers and sculptors, will display and sell their work in the Mermaid Garden. The celebration has the format of an open podium: both local and visiting, professional or amateur musicians and dancers are welcome to perform during daytime, and all those interested are encouraged to participate in an art project devoted to the Mermaid Statue, the revitalization of Panjim, and Goan heritage more generally. This art project, which eventually culminates in an art contest, will commence in the morning, at 10 am, and continue throughout the day (see below for details).

The official inauguration of the statue led by the Chief Minister of Goa, Shri Manohar Parrikar, is scheduled to take place in the evening, at 7 pm, followed by the screening of two films by Nalini Elvino De Sousa (both films are devoted to the Campal Creek Revitalization Project), speeches by other individuals committed to restoring and revitalizing Panjim, and, finally, the announcement of art contest winners. In collaboration with the organizers, three highly praised restaurants (Venite, Viva Panjim, and the Panjim Inn) invite visitors to experience authentic Goan cuisine on the day of the celebration. From 9 to 10 pm, musicians and other performers are once again invited to take the stage.

For children, the fee to participate in the art contest and compete for prize money is Rs. 30/-. All other activities scheduled to take place on the garden grounds will be free of charge. To discuss the possibilities for an artisanal workshop or stall, speech, or performance on the day in question, please contact Amalia Mora (email: amaliaclarice@yahoo.com; phone: 9850381803), Jeroen Gevers (email: geversjeroen@gmail.com; phone: 8805510560), Armando Gonsalves (email: heritagegoa@yahoo.co.in; phone: 9822487818), or Shaeen Gomes (email: cicletica@gmail.com; phone 9158927022).




Call for Participation in the Mermaid Statue Art Contest


The creative-minded are invited to participate in the artistic project that will form a crucial part of the events on the day of the celebration. Participants are asked to produce an artwork, either beforehand, or on location, during the day itself. The work should ideally be related to the main theme of the event (“transformation,” as symbolized by the Mermaid Statue) or to Goa’s history or cultural heritage more generally.

The project culminates in an art contest: upon completion, the artworks will be presented to the public in the garden, and a jury yet to be selected will choose winners. The categories and respective time slots for participation in the art contest are as follows: children ages 5-10, children ages 11-18 (both 10 am – 1 pm), and adults (1 – 7 pm). Prize money is awarded to the top three contestants among the children, who pay Rs. 30/- to participate. The top three in the adult category will have their work displayed in nearby restaurants (Viva Panjim, Venite, and the Panjim Inn). Participation for adults is free of charge.

The assignment is as follows: create a tangible, easily moveable and displayable piece of art in an artistic medium of choice (drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, prose/poetry max. 250 words) inspired by the following concepts:
1. The Mermaid Statue (and its significance as a symbol of transformation, heritage, and remembrance)
2. The relationship between land and water in Panjim (and in Goa at large)
3. The historical film Sea Wolves (1980), part of which was shot in Panjim, near the Mermaid Statue

For more information about the art contest for children, please contact Sonia Querkar (email: soniya.kerk@gmail.com; phone: 9762644820). For other inquiries: Amalia Mora (email: amaliaclarice@yahoo.com; phone: 9850381803) or Jeroen Gevers (email: geversjeroen@gmail.com; phone: 8805510560)



 Calling all Musicians to participate in our UNPLUGGED SESSION on the 19th, from 4pm to 6:30pm at the Mermaid Garden. You do not have to be a professional, just get your musical instruments and Sing and Play your hearts out. NO AGE BAR





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