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Inter-School Essay and Debate Competition


The Parent-Teacher Association of Sharada Mandir and The Spirit of Goa in association with Professor Les Menezes, organized an essay competition in the beginning of this, on reaping fabulous results they continued their great work and organized a debated competition. The theme of the former was, 'The Spirit of Goanness-what I believe it is', a similar theme was adopted for the debate competition that was 'The Spirit of Goanness is increasing'


The students who qualified for the debate


Group A
Student's Name School Name Marks
Sneha Chaudhary
Sharada Mandir School 
Milind Jakati
St. Joseph School 
Mebin Dominic
Sharada Mandir School  


Group B
Naomi Noronha Sharada Mandir School  76.00
Tammanna Aurora Sharada Mandir School
Anuradha V Sawardekar Sharada Mandir School 71.50
Daisy Alphonso  St. Mary School      71.00
Rimmi Girish Sinai Priolkar A J De Almedia School 70.00
Ann Merin Dominic    Sharada Mandir School   68.50
Valerie Vaz   Presentation School 


Smita Kaushik  Peoples High School  65.00
Poorva S Kher Mustifund High School   63.00
Aditi Sequeira  Deepvihar School 63.00
Mallika Raikar Mustifund High School  58.50
Neha B Kamat Presentation School   57.00
Lovanne Dias Presentation School   56.00





The debate was held at The Kala Academy Black Box on Friday the 4 th of April 2008. Parents, Teachers, Friends and Press crowded the Black Box as the program commenced with the welcoming speech of Mr. Oscar Gonsalves, the President of the Sharada Mandir Parent Teachers Association and administrative in charge of Sharada Mandir School


The guests were welcomed by Mr. Oscar Gonsalves as I mentioned who continued to tell us a fair bit about the competition.


Succeeding Oscar was Mrs. Sharmila who told us a little bit about the 3 distinguished judges and the moderator.


The moderator for the event was Mr. Raguvir Vernekar, a familiar face at the educational front.The chairperson of the Goa Board of secondary and higher secondary education, and the headmaster of many years standing. He is currently teaching Communications at G.I.M the Goa Institute of Management


Our Judges


Mrs. Ramola Antão – The former (H.o.D) Head of Department of English at Dhempe College and a well known and loved lecturer. A lady of unquestionable character. She has in the past been a literature lecturer at both the Under graduate and Graduate level. She is currently a literature lecturer at The Keshav Academy Of learning Chowgule School.


Mrs. Isabela Santa Rita Vas – A serene lady, multifaceted enthusiast, an English teacher at Dhempe College, her students hold her high as a role model. She is the founder of the Mustard Seed Drama Society which stages English plays.


Mr. Les Menezes – An authority in speech, drama and music. A true Shakespearean at heart. It was because of his prolific knowledge that it was indeed a pride and a privilege to have him has a judge for both our essay and debate competition.


He taught for 23 years at the Canberra University of Technology, 11 years of which he was the H.o.D.


He was also the H.o.D of the English department at the St. Edmons College.Les started his career as a teacher in La Martiniera Boys School Calcutta.


Les was instrumental in the drawing up the entire concept of this competition.


Followed by Ms. Sharmila's introduction Les Menezes spoke about the given topic, and provided instructions for the students to follow. After which the moderator Mr. Vernekar thanked the organizers for taking the initiative in organizing a competition with a topic of such relevance to the young and old.


After Mr. Vernekar's speech the students introduced themselves.


The actual debate began with Daisy Alphonso who was the leader of the proposition, followed by Tammanna Aurora the leader of the opposition. Each student from then on spoke alternatively for and against the given topic.


The leaders spoke for 5 minutes each (introduction) and everyone else spoke for 3 minutes each. After all 8 participants had spoken each team nominated a member to speak for 5 minutes to conclude their topic.


Mr. Vernekar then took time out to hear what the audience had to say, during which the judges tabulated their scores.


Even the decision was very hard the opposition emerged victorous.


The Best Speaker of the Proposition was Louanne Dias
The Best Speaker of the Opposition was Poorva Kher
The Best Personality was Sneha Chaudhary


The winners were awarded trophies and cash prizes, apart from which every entry recieved participation certificates.


It was indeed heart warming to see the attention paid to detail by each one of the children. To pick a winner was probably next to impossible.



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