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About Nihal-The driving force of Heritage Jazz

Nihal is the son of Armando Gonsalves and has been a driving force for Heritage Jazz in many more ways than one. When in Malaysia on holiday with his father and sister Zenisha, his father bought a handycam and the rest is history!

Nihal first documented the 15 day Malaysian trip as a school project when he was just told do the same in a craft format. He surprised everyone at school, and none other than Mr. Stanley Pinto, ex Managing Director of Lintas Malaysia and Indonesia, noticed his immense talent. Nihal was only 7 years at that time.
                                              Nihal Gonsalves                                             Stanley Pinto honouring Nihal Gonsalves for the contribution to Jazz in Goa
Soon after in 2004, Nihal went about filming the first jazz shows at Gonsalves Mansion and he used to sit on his father’s lap and edit the content. When jazz was just a hobby and when no one gave its upward journey any hope of survival considering that hardly 50 people would turn up at concerts those days, Nihal gave hope to jazz diehards when he did a short 3 minute promotional video which captured the imagination of people who mattered. It formed the core of the marketing thrust that was unleashed, with his video being the one horse selling mechanism. And did it work? Of course it did, and Jazz in our beautiful state will forever be indebted to the boy who weaved magic for this unheralded form of music till that time.
Nihal is a technological wonder, anything connected with tech, creativity, computer software, cameras etc. is something that comes naturally to him. And, in addition to the fact that he has done so much for Jazz in this country, his father Armando has dedicated this whole movement of unifying Heritage, music and the home of Goa to his two children Zenisha and of course, Nihal. It is this emotion that made Armando do the stunning Peace shows in the 2008 season. Jazz for Peace and Fusion for Peace were fully dedicated to Nihal and Zenisha, and that feeling was palpable! 

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